Kodiak Island Deer Hunting FAQs

Answered by Chad Sorenson, Captain of the F/V Naknek Spirit.

Kodiak Island Deer Hunt
Succesful Kodiak Island Deer Hunt
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The F/V Naknek
Sitka black tailed deer
Sitka black tailed deer

Captain Chad runs a boat transportation service for Black-Tailed Deer & Mountain Goat Hunting. For more info, go to KodiakDeerHunts.com


Chad Sorenson

Why did you get into this type of business.

I enjoy hunting, being outside, and helping others be successful in their hunts.

Hometown these days?

Soldotna, AK

What area of Alaska do you do your business?

Greater Alaska

How long have you been in Alaska? / Where are you from?

Moved to Alaska from Montana in 1983.

How much does an Alaska Deer Hunting Trip cost?


What is the best time of the year to go Deer Hunting in Alaska?


What time of the year do you Deer Hunt & why?

October-December, because it offers the best success rate for deer hunting

Where is the best deer hunting in Alaska?

South end of Kodiak Island

What is the weather like in Kodiak during the Fall?

Windy, wet, snowy, rainy, sunny!

Any close calls while out in the wilderness or on the job?

I am always aware of the forecast and weather conditions to offer the safest possible operating conditions.

How much does it cost for a non resident to hunt in Alaska?

$5,700/person plus the state hunting license fees and tags.

What deer are in Kodiak?

Sitka Blacktail.

Why are deer so plentiful on Kodiak?

The mild maritime environment offers the most ideal living conditions for deer.

How much meat do you get from an average Kodiak deer?

Boned out, 40-45 pounds.

Can a non resident hunt in Alaska without a guide?

Yes, for deer.

What Non-Residents licenses & tags are required?

Hunting license and deer tags.

What Resident licenses & tags are required?

Hunting license and deer tags.

How much is a guided hunting trip in Alaska?

For deer it is up to $11,000-$12,000.

What is Kodiak famous for?

Kodiak Brown Bear, Sitka Blacktail deer and fishing.

What animals are hunt-able on Kodiak Island?

Brown bear, deer, fox, elk, mountain goat.

What caliber for Kodiak deer, mountain goat & bear hunting?

Common calibers are 7mm, 30-06, 300Win, 308.

Why are bears on Kodiak Island so big?

Access to salmon and genetics.

How hard is it to get a Kodiak bear tag?

Less than 1% odds of getting one, so extremely difficult for drawing for brown bear tag.