Moving to Girdwood: Girdwood is a great place to live, just ask any local. However, it can be difficult to set your life up in a brand new town. Below are some tips and resources to help with the move, whether you are coming for the season or moving here for good.


Finding housing in Girdwood is fairly dependent on the season. Spring and Fall are the optimal times to look for a place. During the peak, months of winter and summer options for accommodations can be limited.

Shared Housing

Shared housing is available but sometimes hard to find. Most of the time it is all about who you know, so get out there and meet some people. People who are looking for roommates will often put notices on local bulletin boards. Check the boards at the Post Office, Grind Café & Mercantile.

Apartments and Housing

Girdwood has plenty of options in terms of what kind of rentals are available. Permanent accommodations range from dry cabins (no running water) to secluded cabins, residential houses, and apartments. Prices range accordingly.

The best places to check for current places for rent are:

Staff Housing (Alyeska Resort)

Excerpt From Alyeska Resort’s Webpage: “Alyeska Resort manages a 20,000 square foot employee housing complex named Powder House opened in 2008. Powder House provides employees with affordable, clean, and well-maintained housing close to work. It can house up to 120 people. The units are fully furnished and include a complete kitchen with stove, microwave, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Two-bedroom and four-bedroom apartments are available.” Employee housing is offered on a first come first serve basis. Buying

Buying a house or condo

Girdwood’s average home listing price is $325,923 (as of July 2014, according to There are plenty of real estate agents that cover the area below are some locally based real estate agents and resources:

Temporary housing

Short-term accommodation is available within Girdwood, the price range varies depending on your needs. Remember that Anchorage accommodation is also an option.

Budget temporary housing:

Nightly Vacation Rentals:


Girdwood employment for most revolves around the seasons and more often than not, tourism. Full-time jobs in Girdwood are not the status quo. However, there are plenty of companies looking for seasonal employees to help with the busy times – Summer and Winter!

Alyeska Resort is often the first point of call for folks in Girdwood looking for a job. Check out Alyeska’s current Job Openings!

Often the best way to find a job is to hit the streets and talk to businesses face to face with a resume in hand.

Remember that Anchorage is only a 45-minute drive away and offers more employment opportunities.

Other resources for finding employment are below:

Local Transport:

If moving to Girdwood it is generally recommended that you have your own vehicle. However, there is a local bus service.

Glacier Valley Transit operates year-round and has designated bus stops throughout Girdwood. GVT currently provides free fare, though they accept donations as they are a non-profit. Also, the bus drivers accept and appreciate tips!

For more info check out –

There are no taxi services in Girdwood. If you really need a taxi you can call Anchorage Taxi, but expect a large bill.

Hitchhiking is not an overly common practice but seems to be accepted.


Girdwood Pre-School

Girdwood has a local non-profit childcare facility, Little Bears Play House, that offers a pre-school program. To learn more about their rates and mission, visit their website.

Girdwood Elementary School and Junior High

For those families living in town, Girdwood offers a school right in town. As of 2016, there are 178 students that attend this school. It was recently updated in 2015. To learn more about what this school has to offer visit their website.

  • Mascot: Girdwood Grizzlies
  • Colors: Navy & silver
  • Motto or slogan: An active community of engaged learners, inspired by nature

Highschool Options

High school kids have the option of Anchorage High Schools. Most tend to go to South Anchorage High School. South Anchorage High is the closest to Girdwood.


Recreation opportunities are endless in Girdwood and are often the reason for people moving here.


Winter brings huge amounts of snow bringing with it a range of winter activities including; skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, snow machining (snowmobile) nordic skiing, dog mushing, and more.


Long summer days leave plenty of time to enjoy Alaska’s beauty and range of activities including; hiking, mountain biking (cross-country and downhill), fishing, rafting, kayaking (whitewater and sea), stand up paddle boarding, surfing, bore tide surfing, kite-surfing, hunting and more.


Girdwood has a population of just under 2,000. There are plenty of community-based groups, associations, and events.

  • Check out Four Valleys Community School (FVCS) for great adult and children recreational, educational, and cultural activities. In the winter, they offer a great raised walking track, Wednesday Pick-up Basketball, and much more!
  • If you are looking for something to do, check out the Girdwood Community Calendar!
  • Looking for free internet, movies, or a book to pass the time, visit the local Girdwood library! This is also a great place to check out the bulletin board for things happening in town.
  • Check out the local bulletin boards around town to find jobs, learn about community events, or items for sale. @ The US Post Office and Merch


Girdwood isn’t known for its huge nightlife scene but it can provide some good entertainment and fun nights out. Girdwood has a few night venues that often have gigs. The Sitzmark (at the base of Alyeska) will often have bands play, especially in the winter. Chair 5 and The Hightower Pub also have bands play regularly.

A Few Local Favorites

  • On a normal year, there is Trivia at the Sitzmark every Tuesday night starting at 7pm promptly.
  • Coors Light Town League – Learn More Here
  • Wednesday Night Pickup Basketball at the Girdwood School Gym – Hosted by Four Valley’s Community School

Town resources

View a list of all the Services Girdwood has to offer here.