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Alaska Sea Kayaking Trips
Open Daily 7 am - 7 pm. May 1st through September 15th.

Explore Alaska’s Wilderness via Guided Kayak Tour

No experience necessary! We will guide you safely through the waters of Prince William Sound and outfit you in the best equipment so your experience is as amazing as possible. Great for ages 10 and up!

At Alaska Sea Kayakers, the itineraries for our kayaking tours are designed around the distance you would like to travel and the things you would like to see. Our guides come from various naturalist backgrounds. While sharing their vast knowledge of the area, our guides will give you a most enjoyable and safe adventure in Alaska.


Watch our video of highlights from an Alaska Sea Kayaking day tour in Prince William Sound.

Planning For Your Kayaking Trip

When traveling to Whittier, Alaska, plan accordingly to make sure you don’t miss your tour! Check out the Whittier Tunnel Schedule!

The tunnel suggests arriving 10 minutes prior to your opening. It’s definitely NOT a waste of time to arrive early. Both staging areas offer plenty of beautiful scenery for you to soak up.

When planning out which tunnel you should take, keep in mind there can be a delay in opening. To be safe, give yourself 20-30 minutes to get through the tunnel.

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Alaska Sea Kayakers – Kayaking Tours & Glacier Viewing