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So you live in Girdwood, and you want to go hunting for deer; however, there are no deer to hunt in Girdwood! Your plan is to go to Kodiak Island to hunt Sitka black-tailed deer. Are you going to camp in a tent? Rent a boat to get around and explore the best hunting ground?

Kodiak is home to a hardy and abundant population of Sitka black-tailed deer, as well as the Kodiak brown bear, which is one of the two largest bears alive today! There’s plenty to think about when preparing for your hunting trip.

Just think about this: having the luxury of transportation to the best hunting ground, coming in at night to a warm meal and comfortable sleeping area, and having a safe, covered shelter for field dressing.

Chad Sorenson is the owner of Kodiak Deer Hunts with C&M Marine, and he can provide all of these things for you aboard the F/V Naknek Spirit. Captain Chad has over 30 years of hunting and fishing experience, and it is his passion to provide his guests with a safe and unforgettable hunting adventure in the great Alaskan outdoors.

Hunters will enjoy the comfort and safety of three hot meals a day and heated sleeping quarters. No worries of attracting bears, as game will be loaded aboard the Naknek Spirit via crane, where a covered, heated area is provided for dressing your game. The boat comfortably houses six people, so after a day out hunting you can enjoy some downtime, dinner, and a movie with friends.

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Kodiak Deer Hunt transporter service. Boat charter for self-guided deer & mountain goat hunts in Alaska’s GMU8 (Game Management Unit 8). More info on their website. https://kodiakdeerhunts.com

For Girdwood Locals: Tell Captain Chad Kelvin and OTC sent you, for a sneaky discount!

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