Alyeska makes the TOP 10!

High Fives for Alyeska



Girdwood’s Alyeska Resort makes the TOP 10 Ski Resorts in America – according to Forbes.

The top 10 resorts according to Forbes are ranked:

1. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
2. Snowbird, Utah
3. Alta, Utah
4. Alyeska, Alaska
5. Squaw Valley, California
6. Vail, Colorado
7. Mammoth Mountain, California
8. Grand Targhee, Wyoming
9. Telluride, Colorado
10. Solitude, Utah

Interestingly the top 10 list also paired every resort with a celebrity. Alyeska’s celebrity match turned out to be no other than Jack Kerouac!

Alyeska and Girdwood have been topping the lists for a while now including National Geographics “World’s Best Ski Towns.”

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