Fall Months Are the Time to Catch a Monstrous Rainbow Trout

While summer in Girdwood may seem fleeting, there are things to look forward to as autumn approaches. Yes, the days get shorter, and the rain seems to come too often, but there’s one thing that just keeps getting better, and that’s fishing.

Fishing in Alaska is Spectacular in Fall

In fact, according to fishing guide, Sean Smart, September and October “are the World Cup or Super Bowl of trout fishing.” Sean is the owner and operator of Kenai River Recon, and he takes people out fishing on the Kenai and Kasilof rivers, both a couple hours’ drive from Girdwood.

Kenai Peninsula Known for its Trophy Fish


These rivers see an abundance of silver (Coho) salmon and rainbow trout in the late summer and early autumn months. The trophy-sized trout rush in to feed on the eggs of spawning salmon, and they’re not picky about what kind. One of Sean’s favorite fish is also making it back into fresh water to feast, and that’s the steelhead trout.

What’s the difference between rainbow and steelhead trout? They are the same species, but their lifestyles are different. Rainbows spend their lives entirely in fresh water.

Big, Beautiful Rainbow Trout
Sleek and Streamlined Steelhead

The anadromous steelhead, like Alaskan salmon, is able to move from fresh water to salt water, and back to fresh water to spawn; however, unlike salmon, steelhead are multiple spawners. The Alaskan steelhead on the Kenai Peninsula can reach 30+ inches. “It’s a pretty hard-fighting fish,” Sean emphasized, “and they’re really beautiful.”

Go Fishing with a Real Pro


Sean has been fishing for most of his life and is really at home out on the water. He enjoys taking clients out for late-season fishing and is more than happy to teach those new to it how to use a fly rod and cast from the boat. September and October are especially good months to go out and catch those big, trophy Kenai River trout and enjoy some changing leaves in Alaska.

Fall is Silver Salmon Season

If you want to experience the excitement of late season fishing in Alaska, go ahead and book your trip with Kenai River Recon.