Are There Any Deer in Girdwood?

Sitka black-tailed deer running in a field

Are there any deer in Girdwood?

Tourists and curious hunters ask the question, and it’s a good one, considering Girdwood is teeming with various wildlife.

Technically, the answer is yes, since moose are the largest in the deer family . . .

Look at me! I’m a big, bad moose, the biggest deer in all the land.

but people generally ask the question in regard to the smaller-range size of the species. In this case, the answer is no. One must travel outside of Girdwood to find Sitka black-tailed deer, one of the most prolific, attractive, and under-rated trophy species in Alaska.

Sitka black-tailed deer are native to Southeast Alaska and were introduced to Prince William Sound and Kodiak Island around the early 1920s. If you’re willing to venture out, head to Kodiak Island, because there’s something special about those Sitka black-tailed deer.

I’m a Sitka black-tailed deer, just chomping down some AK fireweed!

They are hardy and have thrived on Kodiak terrain since they were introduced. Although the population can vary due to harsh winters, these deer rebound quickly and are especially abundant on Kodiak due to the island’s natural absence of wolves.

Deer hunting is no joke in Alaska. There are plenty of factors to take into consideration, such as unpredictable weather and other wildlife, like bears!

On Kodiak, hunters must prepare for possible Kodiak brown bear encounters, as they are plentiful on the island. Experienced hunters are aware and alert to these things, and it’s all part of the Alaskan experience.

To some, hunting in Alaska is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and to all, an adventure they will never forget.

*To learn more about Sitka black-tail deer hunting on Kodiak Island, visit our friends at Kodiak Deer Hunts with C&M Marine.