Girdwood loves their dogs. There are many special furry four-legged best friends here. One, in particular, has been lately getting lots of media.

If you ever venture up Crow Creek to hike Crow Pass, you might’ve encountered this beautiful husky, Nanook, nicknamed Nookie. Scott Swift, Nookie’s human owner, let’s him roam free in the summers. If you’ve ran into him in the past and read his collar it would say, “I love to ski, I love to play, please bring me back home at the end of the day.” Eventually, this tag did get lost and was replaced with a new tag asking people to return him to his home address.

In June 2018, quite the story came to light of Amelia Milling, a hearing-impaired student from Tennesse, claiming Nookie played a major role in saving her life. Check out the story HERE or watch the movie!

Who saved who? Nanook is a rescue dog who has definitely given back by rescuing others!