The Herbal Cache

Legal Cannabis Store

Recreational Cannabis Store in Downtown Girdwood

The Herbal Cache is Girdwood’s first pot shop. We have an extensive selection of buds, flower, reefers, joints, dabs, concentrates, vapes, oils, edibles, lotions and accessories for purchase, with THC, CBD and all that.

Products offered

Good old weed flower buds. Stick in a pipe or roll up in a doobie/joint.

Vape pen juice, dabs, shatter etc… All concentrated products with most plant materials and carbon removed.

CBD products come in a range of lotions and vapes – used mainly for pain and anxiety and do not get you high.

Pipes, Papers, Dab rigs, Vape pens
We have all the bits and pieces you need to ingest your purchase. Of course, we have lighters as well.


Holmgren Place 158
Anchorage 99587 AK US
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Open 7 days: 12pm-8pm