Bore Tide Viewing

The best spot on the Seward Highway to view the phenomenon that is the Alaska Bore Tide
  • The Alaska bore tide is a wave formed when a super low tide and a super high tide crash into each other in the narrow and shallow Turnagain Arm.
  • It occurs 2-3 hours after the low tide time in Anchorage, Alaska.
  • The wave can come twice a day and is often surfed by local riders, who are sometimes able to surf a very long time on 5-10 foot faces.
  • The breaking wave can reach speeds of 6 to 24 mph and can vary between 6 inches and six feet in height.
  • It’s also a wildlife-spotting opportunity: harbor seals often ride the tide into Turnagain Arm & Beluga whales may be seen 30 mins or so later once the water gets deeper.

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alaska bore tide surfers
Surfers ride the Alaska Bore Tide on Turnagain Arm.

bore tide viewing map
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