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Whether getting married for the first time or as a renewal of your anniversary, obtaining a mother-children-birth-stone ring, or looking for a right-hand fashion ring, we invite you to explore our wide array of elegant eternal bands, with assurance that our classy modern bands will appease.

The Eternally Classic Collection consists of eternal band rings symbolic of two pairs of hands clasped in matrimony–there being ten pairs of rods representing the ten fingers of each spouse intertwined as elegantly as a couple is together in life, dancing. The strong architectural ideology of each design invokes a sense of sturdiness, endurance, and immortality–further representing the definition of marriage.

Gone are the protruding, snag-and-bang solitaire rings; in are the elegant eternal bands, for both men and women.

The negative space created by separating the outer bands by inner connected rods gives more meaning to each band and to each jewel–displaying each one with the prominence and noteworthy attention that it deserves!  In addition, the negative space (not commonly seen in rings) allows the finger to breathe freely, providing greater comfort and less unsightly ‘paleness’ when the ring is removed temporarily.

Gone are the days of heavy-loaded fingers and heavily-burdened hands; in now is the light-weight–the classy and the refined.

The Eternally Classic Collection goes above and beyond the standard ring designs of generations past.  The jewels glimmer from various angles and will catch the eyes of, and verbal applause from many!

On behalf of all at Eternally Classic Jewelry, we welcome you to our store.

Mr. Courtney Larsen, Owner & Designer

Slaughter Ridge Road
Cooper Landing 99572 AK US
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