ADVENTURE GURU — Mtn. Biking ‘Trail of Blue Ice’

Guided & Rental Mtn. Bike Excursions Through Portage Valley
Mon - Sun, 9:00 a.m. to 8 p.m. Summer: May 15th - Sept 15th

Traverse through wooded hemlock and spruce forests, seeing multiple variety of wildlife which may include bald eagles, chickadees, moose, black bear, squirrels; and hanging glaciers and beautiful picturesque valley vistas of cascading waterfalls.

Aromatic: Fresh, clean, non-polluted air; campfire cooking at nearby adjacent campsites.

Vistas: Portage Lake, ponds, waterfalls, glaciers.

Trail: Gravel, paved, and boardwalk sections–all very well-maintained.

Easy / moderate trail 5 miles one-way; includes shuttle back to car at Begich Boggs Visitor Center.

{Operating under special permit with Chugach National Forest.}

Portage Lake Loop
Anchorage 99587 AK US
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ADVENTURE GURU — Mtn. Biking ‘Trail of Blue Ice’

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