Girdwood Services


Girdwood Real Estate

There are experienced real estate agents in town who live and breathe Girdwood. They know the area well and can help you find just what you’re looking for.

Looking to buy in Girdwood?

If you like to just look, browse the current Girdwood homes for sale! Click here to check out what’s available! >>

Gear Repair & Tuning Services

Girdwoodians love their outdoor gear and that’s why we have our own gear repair company! Love your gear hard and send it to Fix Line Gear Repair when it’s tired and needs some mending.

If you need a tune up for your skis or bike, give Powder Hound a call! Their back shop employees have 20+ years of combined experience working on skis, boards & bikes.

Health & Wellness

Girdwood Health Clinic

No need to make the trip to Anchorage when you’re feeling under the weather. Receive top-notch care at the Girdwood Health Clinic, including primary care, acute care and behavioral health.

If you’re feeling the need to pamper yourself, there are some great options to do just that. Visit the Girdwood Styling Salon or the Spa at Alyeska.

Salons, Spas & Weddings

Girdwood’s beauty inspires people to have their weddings, here. We have lots of local services in town to help make the wedding of your dreams happen, including a local hair salon!

For a full list of venues, catering, salons, photography, and other services check out our Girdwood Weddings Page.

Event Venues & Churches in Girdwood

If you’re looking for a place to worship, hold your wedding ceremony or some other event, Girdwood offers three different charming chapels.

Reserve space for your rehearsal dinner or large gathering at Jack Sprat or arrange for your conference at the Hotel Alyeska.

Girdwood Weddings

For a full list of venues, catering, salons, photography, and other services check out our Girdwood Weddings Page.

Web Design, Photography & Videography

Looking for a local geek or creative artist? Look no more! Hire local for help with your website, Google (SEO), or photography needs.

Girdwood Transportation

Glacier Valley Transit is Girdwood’s source for public transportation. The bus service operates year round and has designated bus stops throughout Girdwood. Walking around Girdwood is an enjoyable experience, and paired with GVT, all parts of town are highly accessible.

For more info check out –

There are no local taxi services in Girdwood, nor do Uber or Lyft drivers typically hang out around town. It is possible to get a ride via one of these services from the airport TO the Girdwood.

Getting To Girdwood

Girdwood is about 45 minutes south of Anchorage. If you are coming to Girdwood as part of your vacation, it is highly recommended that you rent a car. For more information about getting to Girdwood click here.

Schools & Child Care

Girdwood has a local, nonprofit childcare facility, Little Bears, that also offers a preschool program. Girdwood also has a combo elementary and junior high school. While Four Valleys Community School doesn’t offer daily child care, they do provide a wide range of after school activities and summer programs for the younger members of Girdwood. They also have adult programs!